Safety switches – safe monitoring in the bulk materials industry

Safeguard your conveying systems – using SiTec safety switches for the bulk materials industry. We guarantee you resilient switches on which you can rely, even in extreme conditions.

We look forward to receiving information on your particular requirements and planning the optimal switch with you.

The right safety switch for your requirements

Safeguard your bulk material conveying systems using the correct safety and monitoring switches.

Emergency stop switches

Emergency stop switches ensure that industrial conveying systems can be stopped reliably and quickly in an emergency. Our emergency stop switches are equipped with a pull wire so that an emergency stop can also be triggered along the lines. You can detect any malfunctions reliably via a rope-break detection feature. Depending on the length of the conveyor line, single-sided or double-sided rope pull emergency stop switches are used.

Position misalignment switches

Use position misalignment switches to monitor your belt conveying systems. If the conveyor belt drifts (is misaligned), the position switch triggers a warning signal or shuts down the system, depending on the setting.

Position limit switches

Use our position limit switches to ensure a smooth, safe process on your conveying systems. The roller on the limit switch precisely detects machine movements, on request also with detection of the direction.

Service switches

The service switch from SiTec guarantees the safe startup and shutdown of the supply of power to conveying systems. Particularly in extreme conditions such as dust, heat or continuous use, you can also rely on our main switches.

Quality and individuality

Dusty environment, heat, heavy use – it is clear that a SiTec safety switch must also function reliably in difficult situations. All our switches are therefore not only compliant with the standards and directives, they are also made of high-quality materials. During manufacture we pay particular attention to technical precision. And we plan with you an individual safety switch that ideally matches your requirements.

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