Position misalignment switches – safeguard the material conveyed

Prevention: misalignment switches on conveyor belts safeguard the material conveyed and prevent high costs due to unnecessary damage.

We manufacture high-quality, precise belt misalignment switches and address your individual requirements during this process.

Precise position switches for misalignment

Exactly and reliably, position misalignment switches monitor for possible drift on belt conveying systems.

As the conveyor belt drifts, the edge of the belt touches the roller lever on the misalignment switch. Depending on the deflection, a pre-warning is signaled or a shutdown is triggered. In this way you can prevent unnecessary costs due to the loss of material and detect uneven belt wear at an early stage.

Benefit from the advantages

You can adjust the switching points individually on SiTec misalignment switches and replace the roller on the roller lever without major effort. You can operate the conveying system efficiently and react if necessary.

PSA and PSD – adaptable misalignment switches

The belt misalignment switches PSA and PSD are available with an aluminum housing for use in normal conditions or a durable Duroplast housing for special ambient requirements such as sea air. Both are equipped with a stainless steel roller. The other components depend on your requirements. Optionally, we can also fit an indicator and pressure equalization in the switch for you.