Double-sided pull wire emergency stop switches for long conveyor belts

Long lines and harsh conditions – our double-sided pull wire emergency stop switch is designed exactly for these situations. Along conveyor belts of up to 100 m, it guarantees a quick and reliable emergency stop function using a pull wire.

For more safety in industry!

Double-sided pull wire emergency stop switches for any environment

Whether in tropical coal mining, in a central European gravel plant, in a continuously operating recycling plant or in a Siberian copper mine – the double-sided pull wire emergency stop switches from SiTec function reliably and guarantee absolute safety in difficult environmental conditions.

Your advantage: You can install the safety pull wire quickly and easily with our pull wire accessories.

Pull wire emergency stop switches SNA and SND

For the emergency stop switches SNA and SND, depending on the requirement (e.g. usage in salt-laden sea air), you can select between a housing made of aluminum or Duroplast, up to three normally closed and normally open contacts, and the incorporation of indicators and pressure equalization. Of course, we can also adapt the switches individually to particular requirements.

Safety during resetting

You must undertake a conscious manual action on the emergency stop switches to place the conveyor belt system in service again after an emergency stop. In this way you ensure that the system does not start up again due to a careless action before the emergency has been rectified.

Layout of the double-sided pull wire emergency stop switch system

The mechanism in the emergency stop switch is held in the middle position by the wire tension and a counteracting spring. The contact is then closed. As soon as the pull wire is pulled, the contact opens, the circuit is interrupted and the conveying system is stopped.

A double-sided switch guarantees a reliable emergency stop function along the entire conveyor line of up to 100 m, even if the pull wire breaks. So you can ensure the safety of your employees.

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