Single-sided pull wire emergency stop switches for short conveyor belts and securing sections of machines

Conveyor belts are not always used for long distances. For lengths up to 50 m you can rely on our single-sided pull wire emergency stop switches. Other applications for single-sided pull wire emergency stop switches are, for example, printing machines, conveyors in the food and drink industry, and production lines in the automotive industry.

Pull wire emergency stop switch SNSA

With a robust aluminum housing and variable components such as a switching unit, indicator and emergency stop button, we can adapt optimally to your needs.

The green indication on the optional indicator changes to flashing red if the pull wire switch is triggered. You can see immediately at which point in your system an emergency stop has been triggered and where it is necessary to intervene. 

The emergency stop button can be mounted on the switch as an option; it can be mounted by simply screwing it into place on either long side to suit the installation direction of the switch.

Safety during resetting

You must undertake a conscious manual action on the emergency stop switches to switch on the conveyor belt system after an emergency stop. In this way you ensure that the system does not start up again due to a careless action before the emergency has been rectified. The single-sided pull wire emergency stop switch is reset by actuating the blue button.