Service switches – safe servicing of industrial conveying systems

Extreme environmental conditions, the highest safety requirements – Our service switches are proven on conveying systems in cement works, on belt drives and in the steel sector.

Robust and solid – SiTec cam switches

The SiTec service switch is one of our most robust switches and can be used reliably as a switch on conveyor belt systems in difficult environments.

You can service sections of the conveyor belt system safely and easily by disconnecting the supply of power to certain parts of the system using the service switch. In this way you can prevent unintentional switching back on due to the actuation of the main switch during the servicing.

The cam switch is very resilient due to the solid spherical knob, the milled cam disks, the ceramic spark chambers with deionization plates fitted, the strong blow-out magnets and the large contact opening distances.

Depending on the switching capacity, the service switch is available in various versions.

You can attach a padlock to the cam switch. For this purpose we equip it with robust metal padlock fittings. The housing itself is made of robust metal or cast aluminum, depending on the application.

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